Cathedrals of Information

by Cabin Fire

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Recorded live on January 9th and 10th in The Shed.


released January 15, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jacob Lee
All lyrics by Stephen B.
Album Cover by Casey-John Burton



all rights reserved


Cabin Fire Fresno, California

Central Valley noise makers.

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Track Name: The Followers
I couldn’t think of anything to write on my last day.
So I made a list of all the people who I loved so dearly.
And all I could come up with were names of people I’ve never met.
I hope to meet them one day so I can tell them what an impact they’ve had.
Then I can’t stop crying because I’m not close enough.
I’ll never be close enough.
And that was my last day.

If I took my brain out and put it into a jar, would you finally believe me when I tell you how dead it is?

Time well spent.
Track Name: Indiana
Tell God what you think of his corn fields.
Read his billboards in fucking tongues.
I’m going to holy roll myself into the gallows.
Anything is better than eternal life.
At least in Indiana
Track Name: Human Pages
Now let’s start at the beginning.
Walk me through every little detail.
I know a thing about the ending.
But I promise that I won’t tell.

You’re the spine of a book that is creased, ripped and broken.
Illiterate musings and vanity choosing’s.
Papers tacked upon the walls.
Pages of brittle pieces of human anatomy.

Full of words, full of information on how to do this and that and we will never learn to read what’s on those pages.
Track Name: Stone Faces
Tell me about the Civil War because I forgot who won.
Tell me about our founding fathers and how they were made of stone.
Tell me about the cherry tree that ended slavery.
Tell me all the things that I need to know.
I’m listening with open ears.

I wanted to ask you a question or two.
But the words slipped right out my mouth.
And they fell right to the floor.
Things are much harder to put back together when you never knew the order.
Track Name: Gray Snow
We’re all beautiful snowflakes made of shredded paper.
Falling from the sky and choking our throats.
The clouds of gray coat the earth black.
Believe this more than anything I’ve ever told you.
Track Name: The Ethnographer
I'm wearing a mask of this city that will one day fall off.
Track Name: Fake Trees
Just stop.
I’ve been there, I’ve done that.
Let’s plant a forest and cut it down with a tooth brush.
I know it doesn’t make any sense but I’d do it if it meant that you would understand a goddamn thing I said.
Track Name: Hall of Records
We’re building on hallowed ground.
Cathedrals of information.
The towers are being filled with the afterbirth of my views.
I know I’ll be in that tower soon enough.
Then maybe I can sort them out.
Into neat, little piles.
All I need is time.