Salt River

by Cabin Fire

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Recorded at the Cabin by Jacob Lee.


released November 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Cabin Fire Fresno, California

Central Valley noise makers.

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Track Name: The River
This desert cracks your lips, splits your knuckles, smooths the bone. The blast of heat upon your skin turns white to red, turns rivers to loam. But before the river dries, cup your hands and bring the water to your mouth – taste the salt and pray for drought.
Track Name: Subaltern
There are people trying to eat one another.
Watch as the moon falls over their entangled bodies.
So serpentine in their dance.
Let’s be an accessory to their deaths.
Let’s make sure their future is as silent as their past.
Track Name: Golden State
Coffee-stained Bible pages,
Barista hipster minimum wages.
Their halos tattooed and tilted,
Hanging ever so crooked.
I swore I would holy roll myself into Indiana’s gallows,
So consider this my California death rattle.
Track Name: Heaven Walkers
The parched throats of our people choke on the breath of the gone and no one cares for the silence that fills our lives.
We followed them.
They led us here.
And this is the result – stillborn births and stained sheets that no holy water could cleanse.
So alone we stay to marvel in it all.
Track Name: Warmth
I remember the light in your voice. The day before it happened. I don’t want to forget what you sounded like on that Tuesday. Because the next day I learned I would never hear you again. But your wry smile will always be with me. And I know you wouldn’t want me to mourn you, but some things we can’t help. Because you were such a part of my life. So I won’t forget that. Because it keeps me warm.
Track Name: Phone Calls in the Afternoon
I know you wouldn’t have wanted it to happen this way, with a phone call and the minutes I had to wait. Having to tell both your parents that you’re gone. I felt the desert get hotter as the sun fell behind the clouds. I gripped my sides and buried my head into the floor and told myself that I should have been there. I just miss you and I’m sorry. I’m just so fucking sorry.