Humid City

by Cabin Fire

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released July 10, 2012

Recorded live by Jacob Lee in the living room of The Cabin on June 1st and 2nd, 2012.

Additional vocals on "Epilogue for the Humid City" provided by Casey John Burton.

Lyrics by Stephen B.



all rights reserved


Cabin Fire Fresno, California

Central Valley noise makers.

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Track Name: Little Palaces
Do you remember the beers we had and where we had them? The middle of the west with nowhere to go but back to your apartment where that door slammed so hard and tight. Never let me forget the things that happened. Never let me forget the things that we did. They weren’t good for anybody but ourselves. Selfish and arrogant, the world revolved around what we did and will always, as far as I’m concerned. It was meant to be and will always be wrong because of that.
Track Name: Snow for a Year
Somewhere between Broad and Town we made each other believe what was worth writing down. Promises that had no place in that city. Telling each other, “One day things will change.” That situations change. If only we believed our own words.
Track Name: Clouds over Cincinnati
Tell me about the place where it all happened first. That town of smoke stacks and highways; a motel room for two nights. We talked by the pay phone in the lobby about what would happen if we took that step. You said you couldn’t promise anything, but we both didn’t care. So why am I surprised that you’re crying?
Track Name: 8/31/11
Take me with you when you go, you didn’t say it but I could hear it. The last day of August is always bittersweet. Tears welled up and when they finally fell they were caught on my shirt. You were trying to be strong that day I said goodbye. Distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder; it just lets it die alone.
Track Name: Epilogue for the Humid City
There are still so many loose ends to tie up. I’m prepared to say everything that needs to be said. I’m tired of this humid city of insects and hand-me-down couches. I’m going back to where I belong. Maybe one day we can meet halfway and catch up over drinks. I know you’ve never seen the Rockies before. You wouldn’t believe how far they stretch.